Hello beautiful people! I hope everyone is doing well! I was informed by my mom that everyone back home got hit with a pretty BIG snow storm! If I’m being completely honest with you all, I don’t miss the snow! 🙂

Life here in the X has been non-stop crazy for me and teammates! As our time here keeps getting shorter & shorter, we’ve been going harder & harder. Just within these last few weeks we’ve witnessed SO many new people come into the family. It’s SO incredible to be able to have front row seats to it all. Even better, being able to play a part in it! However, May is quickly approaching an I’ll be back in the States soon. I figured it would be a good idea to inform everyone of my post-CT plans. Starting this fall, I’ll be attending Bible college as a full-time student. I’ll be studying ministry work for a year. Since being here, God has spoken to me on multiple occasions in terms of His plans for my future. And let’s just say, it’s going to involve quite a bit of traveling! But before making my way back out onto the field I felt like it was best an necessary for me to get a better foundation in Him and His word.

Just within these last couple of months of being here with CT I’ve learned SO much! Life here hasn’t always been all rainbows & butterflies. I’ve had my fair share of struggles. But I wouldn’t trade an ounce of it for the world! God has done such a work in me! He has shown me the importance of accomplishing His will. And I’m excited to continue serving Him!