As I drove through the beautiful Catskill mountains, I was suddenly overcome by a moment of sadness.

It had nothing to do with the with amazing trip I had just taken from Rochester to Albany to Boston, and back. And the feeling had no connection with the wonderful times I’ve had with friends and family here in the States.

But rather, in that moment, my heart was aching for Asia!

During my trip, I had visited my church that I attended while at university in Albany. The pastor had begun to share about persecution; how many countries don’t get to experience the freedom we have to worship. And as he shared this, I found myself tearing up. I long for the day my brothers and sisters are free to worship God freely; a day when they can proclaim His name loudly for all to hear!

There are so many who still need to hear of His saving grace and experience who He is as a loving Father! So in that moment driving through the Catskills, I was reminded that Asia is my home, and God has more for me there!