Invited to honor me at my farewell party, Haily stood in front of a room full of her closest peers and began to share with them the impact I had had on her life thus far; how I had helped her draw closer to Christ. As she proclaimed the gospel, my eyes filled with tears. Here was a girl who was initially afraid to tell people she was a believer, afraid that people would judge; but in that moment, she didn’t care.”My goal in life is to know God more,” she said fighting back tears.

Although she was standing to honor me, our Father was the one most honored and glorified in that moment. He was the one she was proclaiming, fearlessly and boldly! To say God has transformed her life would be an understatement! I’ve known Haily for a year now and since meeting her, she has begun to share the Good News radically and has even seen friends begin to say “yes” to Him!

As hard as it is to say see-you-in-7-months to my friends here in Asia, I rest assured knowing that the Holy Spirit is at work in their lives and He is faithful to complete a good work!