These past few months has been hectic, but here are some very important things that were going on:

– On Easter Sunday, we had a brother and a sister who got dunked! How amazing is that? It is always amazing to see how our brothers and sisters make that proclamation in front of their friends. During the testimony time, I was honestly amazed how my prayer for her family was part of the testimony of her greater commitment to the Lord. As we pray for our brothers and sisters, whether in person or not, it helps them to know the Lord more and more.
– This past month I was in CD. While I was there, I was able to participate in baptism, training groups, and went to the orphanage. The best part of being in CD was in the orphanage. Most of the kids that I was working with had a special need of some kind. At the time I was there, the orphanage was just setting up the fire alarm system. It is very sad, nevertheless, the worker there appears to be very loving and caring. To spend a few hours there to care and love these kids, what joy it brought to my heart.
– Immediately coming back from CD, it was Asian May holiday. During this three days, two of which I was on the mountain with Asian people teaching and encouraging them. The topic this year was how to hear God’s voice. So I taught on this topic and one of the illustrations that were used was from the game that we played. One person had a headphone on listening to music while another person tries to talk to that person. The person who is listening to the music has to try to guess what he/she is saying. How often even we as Christians cannot hear what God is saying because we are too happy with what we are currently doing? Praise be to God that He is patient with us and His mercy and grace are never ending.
– This past month, I have had at least 3 accidents and there was a huge nail in my Ebike. I just feel like that there is a ministry breakthrough on the horizon and the enemy just does not like it. He will do all that he can to take me out. Praise be to God that He had protected me each and every time with minor injuries. Through this month, more people are committing to small groups and coming to know Him as savior. Our organization as a whole currently is having more than 40 Asians students who on a weekly basis attend small groups. That’s a lot of people whom we are pouring into on a weekly basis.