When I think about this holiday season and everything that has happened this year, there is one word that for me marks the whole year and that is FAITHFULNESS.

As I stood in a room with my Asian brothers and sisters, praising God for his wondrous works this Christmas Eve, I found myself in amazement; awestruck by His very nature; by His great and unfailing love. In this very room stood many people that over the last year, I had the opportunity to pour into; some that I even had the opportunity to lead into the family! And in the moment, I felt an overwhelming sense of his faithfulness. In every trial, in every season, He was faithful.

Even in just this last week, those of us in my city once again saw as God answered prayers! In one day, at two separate Christmas parties, we saw 8 people say “yes” to God! When following up with a sister who had come into the family, her boyfriend ended up saying “yes” too and we welcomed another brother in! As I met with one of my girls, Yue Yue, she walked away from that time encouraged to share her story with people that they too might come to know God!

So as we continue to celebrate our Savior over the next few days, and prepare to enter into a new year, spend some time to meditate on His faithfulness in your life, even in the small things, and as you do, thank Him for what He’s done. Because He is worthy to be Praised! Glory to Him in the highest! Peace on Earth and good will to men!