I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas this year and that everyone was able to spend it with family & friends making wonderful memories before we enter into the new year! And more importantly, spent the day remembering who it’s truly about — JESUS! It’s hard to believe that it’s almost 2017! It’s also hard to believe that I have a few short months left before I return home to the States!

Although I wasn’t able to spend Christmas at home this year. I did get to spend it with my second family overseas, and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything in the WORLD! God has been doing some pretty AMAZING stuff over here in X-town these past couple months, especially in and through our team! We’ve all played a part in seeing new brothers & sisters come into the family! Just this past Friday, we held a Christmas party with all of our friends. We probably had about 50 of our friends show up! The best part of it all, we had 5 new members added to God’s family! 🙂 It truly feels incredible to be a part of something that our Heavenly Father holds so close to His heart — seeing His children come home!