I’m so sorry that this update has been long overdue! The last couple months have been a little crazy! So let me catch you up!

Two of my sisters, Haily and Sian got BAPTIZED!!!! One planned, and the other spontaneously! The best part is Haily got to dunk Sian! Multiplication!!!

We broke into the Third Generation!!!!! What does that mean? It means that some of our brothers and sisters who are being discipled by us (foreign friends) are leading their own group of believers (Second Generation), and our second-generation friends have recently stepped out and have begun leading their own groups!!! Third Generation!!! Godd is multiplying the work here!!!!

I had the opportunity to lead a two-weekshort-termm team! We had 6 people come from the States and they had the opportunity to go on campus, make friends, and share radically! In their time with us, we saw one girl recommit her life to God and another guy is on the verge of starting a relationship with Him!

We, as an organization (CT), just celebrated our 10 year anniversary! We’ve been here in Asia for 10 years and have seen hundreds come to know God since the birth of our min. So we spent some time together as Asia-side workers and Stateside w0rkers celebrating all that God has done in the city here in Asia where it all started! It was an awesome time!!! We also went to a gorgeous park together to celebrate!

I have a new role! I’m going to be leading our gunner team here in my city! Just like in good ol’ American football, the gunner on the team specializes in one direct task: tackle! Our gunners usually have just one direct task: local Asian ministry… sharing radically, leading small groups, etc… that’s it! In my city we have a small handful of gunners, so on top of being a gunner myself, I will also be helping my fellow gunners feel equipped and charged to take on the task in front of them!

There are some of the big bullet points from the last two months! I’m so sorry I fell behind on updates! I’ll be more intention over this next season!

Please pray for a retreat we have coming up just for our Asian brothers and sisters, where all of our cities will come together to worship God and grow together! Please be praying that all the details come together

Right now I have a week of vacation time to rest up before we prep for the new semester! Please pray that God would help me to rest well and that I would feel recharged going into this next season!

Thank you so much for all of your praying! It’s so evident that God is doing amazing things here and He’s using you to make it possible!