Hello family and friends!

Hao jiu bu jian….This is a commonly used phrase here in Asia when you have not seen or talked to someone in a while…we use it in America too: “Long time no see.” I am sorry it’s been so long yet again. Time seems to be flying by it’s so hard to keep up and to catch up these days!

To give you an update I just recently (recently being a week ago) came back from a retreat where all the cities joined together for a time of refreshing and recharging for this next year. We were seeking our Father and asking him what He has for us this next season. During this time we felt like our Father was calling us to a more focused time of worship and prayer, more than ever before.

This time was great to see different faces and people from the states and was just a great time of connecting, loving and encouraging one another. Praise God for all He has done and is doing in this WORK.

Now that I have been back I am back into language study! Some days are better than others. Some days I ask myself if I can really do this, and if God really called me here because sometimes I feel I am letting Him down. Though I really do enjoy learning the language. It really is a beautiful language, the more I learn the more amazed I am by our FATHER! Our Father knew what he was doing from the beginning!

So I will continue to persevere! Because our Father is worth it and these people are His and His desire is that all would know Him! I feel blessed that our Father called me here! Sometimes I feel I am in a dream, I thought sometimes that I would not make it back. I find myself thinking and being amazed at how I got here and all God has done in my life to bring me to this place I never imagined!

In the fall I am planning to start at the university. These past months I have been studying with a private tutor to prepare me for the university. I have many things to do to prepare for this. I have to switch my visa over to a student one and therefore I have to go on a three-day trip to get that switched over. Would you please pray for God’s grace to be over me during this time, because some things are time sensitive and are very important.

Thank you for your faithful prayer and support!  I couldn’t do it without all of you believing in me and supporting the call God has on my life! May you all experience his abundance and fruitfulness for your faithfulness to His work!