I want to share something that might be a little bit on the vulnerable side, but I think as my team, I feel led to share it.

As I’ve walked into this season, I was excited. I took on a new role, leading some of our long-term workers here; helping them to feel supported and equipped. We had 11 new friends come into town to spend 9 months here with us, 2 of which I have the honor to live with (Goulda and Merah… not their actual names, but I’ll be using these names when referencing them). In the last month, it’s been a lot of training new friends, a lot of training old friends, and still helping local friends push forward in their relationships with God. And amongst all the training, we’ve seen crazy things happen! We’ve seen at least 20 people say yes to God! 7 of these I had the privilege to be a part of leading into the family! God has been moving! One of my favorite moments of the day now is going home after having been out all day, sitting in the living room, and swapping stories with Merah and Goulda of all the amazing things God is doing and how He’s answering our prayers!

However, being transparent with you, although it has been an amazing month and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, it has definitely not been an easy month. As I’ve stepped into a new leadership role, I’m beginning to feel the tensions of leading and balancing my personal ministry. I long for God to use me and to see many come to know Him, but I also have been charged to see some of the long-termers I’m leading raised up and equipped! There’s also a reality that when God moves and the Kingdom is advancing, the enemy is not happy about it! Our city in the last week has seen a significant amount of spiritual attack. For me personally, I haven’t slept well in over a week and am beginning to feel extremely fatigued.

I share these hardships not to “vent” or “throw a pity party,” but rather to invite you to a greater level of intercession for the work here! God is doing something incredible on the campuses! We literally saw a new person come into the family every day last week! However, we really need a lot of prayers! We need people who will step up to the challenge and begin to wage war for us!

So here’s my challenge to you: Would you please pray for Asia every day for 15 minutes? Whatever you can give in praying, of course, is appreciated! But imagine with me, what could God do with even 5 minutes of praying each day? I can tell you; it will change the nation here!