I sincerely hope all of you have been doing well! Since my last e-mail update, two more of our friends have come into the family!! Abner, and Tony! And that’s just on my small partner team! Our entire team overall has been seeing people coming into the family left and right lately! I wanted to thank you all so much for praying for the names I listed! God is clearly doing something incredible and revealing himself to these students in an amazing way.\

I wanted to share with you all an exciting story about one of our friends named Tony, and what happened with him recently. We first met up with Tony a while ago at English corner. Tony is a very fun, outgoing guy, who is just super lovable and awesome to be around. His English is also very good and when we first met him, all of us hit it off with him right away. We got to share with him Godd’s message and he didn’t accept right away, but he was very interested in learning more about God and His Son. We connected with him and asked him if he’d like to meet up with us on campus to do a study of God’s word, which he happily agreed to.

When we got to campus, we all met up at this coffee / dessert shop called Mai Honey. After Tony treated us to a horde of desserts, we sat down to talk. My partner and I started talking with him for a while, and we noticed something different about him. He was very understanding of everything we were talking about, and it seemed like he had changed. He was speaking of the things of God with wisdom and revelation that he previously hadn’t had before. My partner and I both felt in our spirits that he had made the decision to accept God, so we asked him. His response was, “Yes after you told me about God I prayed when I went home and I accepted him into my heart” AMAZING!!

After hearing this news, we began to just rejoice with him and let him know that he made the best decision of his life. Finally, after a while of talking some more, we opened up to the book of Acts. Tony was interested in learning more about the Holy Spirit, so we had him read Acts chapter one and chapter two. After he read it, we spoke to him about it and my partner strongly sensed the Holy Spirit telling him for us to both take a risk, and step out in faith with Tony. My partner ooked at Tony and asked, “Tony, would you like to receive the language of the Holy Spirit?” After my partner asked him that we both shortly began to explain to him what the Holy Sprit’s language was, and that it wasn’t anything to be afraid of, and that God wanted to bless him with this gift. Tony replied “Yes I want it. I am not afraid.”

And at that moment my partner and I began to pray in tongues in the back of the cafe, and my partner said to Tony “All you have to do is open your mouth and pray with us, and God will fill you with this language. You can pray in either English or in your native language it doesn’t matter.” Tony then began to pray with us and as he opened up his mouth and began praying, the Holy Spirit fell upon him and he was filled with the Holy Spirit’s language!! All three of us began praying in tongues in the back of the cafe! I thought to myself “WOW. This actually happened. God is so AMAZING.”

After we were finished praying, Tony was just so happy and overly joyful. One of the long-term workers here finally joined us, and got Tony plugged into a training group to learn more about God right then and there! Please continue praying for all of us! Your prayers are not in vain, and God is clearly moving and opening up the eyes of these lost students! I pray for moments like this to happen on a regular basis!

Well, that is all of the update that I have for now! I just felt the need to share this really encouraging story, and to let you all know that you are loved and appreciated. As I said earlier, keep on praying because your prayers are truly changing lives over here in Asia. One other quick thing that I wanted to mention. Lately, as a team, we have been seeing spiritual attacks coming against us. The enemy is obviously not happy about the work we are doing over here, and that people are constantly coming into the family. Please also be praying for the enemy to be completely crushed, for protection from God, and that no work of the enemy will be able to come against us as a team.