Chased after; pursued by a lover; it’s something many of us long to encounter.

This last week as I sat across the table from our new friend, Kitty, she explained how her last three years had gone. How it seemed that every new friend she made felt led to tell her about an amazing Dad who loved her unconditionally and desired to have a relationship. As she told us this, one word came to mind, “pursued.” She was being pursued.

As we began to tell her our life stories, she paused and with a contemplative expression she said “I think it’s time I follow Dad now.” My heart jumped with joy! We were face-to-face with good soil; refined and tilled by the creator himself. 

As she joined the family, at that very moment, she learned how to talk to Dad and spoke to him as if she had known him for years. She asked Dad to guide her as she had to make a decision the following day as to whether she should take a job in another city or stay. If she took the job, she would have to leave immediately. 

The next day my roommate and I jumped for joy upon receiving a text from her, announcing that she felt strongly she should stay. Dad had clearly spoken to her heart. We were overjoyed! We now have an entire semester to help teach her! 

Even sitting down with her, today, three days later, I know that we are not only looking at a girl who is hungry to know more, but we are also looking at a world changer; one that will share and multiply. 

I fully understand why she was pursued.