There are some people that when you meet them, they impact your life somehow. Little did I know, this week I was sitting across the table from a girl named Meredith who was about to impact mine.

She and her friend began to tell us of how they both had an interest in what we believed in and had visited churches in the past. Excited for a bridge to share, Kokie and I jumped right in. However, as we shared, there was something different. As we began to talk about the Son and the price He paid, tears began to well up in Meredith’s eyes; a chord had been struck. Sharing my life story and how the Son changed me, I was also brought to tears. Suddenly, the verse in the Bible that talks about the power of our testimony became very real to me.

Seeing her heart was open, we asked her if she wanted to have a relationship with Dad. She nodded her head. At that moment, a new sister was brought into the family. What was it that impacted me, you might ask? Simple. Her heart- ready, pliable, and soft. It is for girls like Meredith that Dad called me to this country on the other side of the world.

Overall, things are going great here! Just this week, Kokie and I saw two girls join the family- Meredith and Bridget. Please be praying for them as we prepare to start training them and raise them up. Also please be praying for our other two girls, Luna and Kitty, that we are also training.

Dad is doing such incredible work here, not only in the lives of the students we encounter, but also in our team! Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers!

That All May Know,