Hey! Summer is here and its time to enjoy some sun! I hope summer has been good for you so far. In the last email, I said I am support raising full-time this summer before I complete one more semester in the fall at Bible college. Then I’ll be heading back to Asia to learn the language and disciple believers in churches!

First off I want to share a prayer request from the founder of Campus Target. He shared this June 1st:

“For years our dream has been to see college students in our churches be sent out at graduation (after a time of discipleship) to start new churches in cities we have never even visited. God has given us a vision of starting churches like dandelions, where each petal (person in the church) becomes a seed that is blown away (graduates) and is able to grow into a new flower (start a new church). This weekend is a key step to that becoming reality. We will be leading a special retreat for 6-8 graduating Chinese students who are being prepared to be sent out as church planters to new cities.

Please pray that:

  • God would fill them with the Holy Spirit as he sends them out.
  • They would be equipped during this retreat with everything they need to succeed in starting a simple church.
  • They would walk away with both the confidence and the commitment to be used by God in this way.”

Personally, I have been doing well and am very excited about our new team that Campus Target has formed here in the States. It’s called the”Transit Team.” Transit=Transition.

The Transit Team community is for Campus Target workers who are not taking a long-term assignment here in the States, but only stopping through to catch their breath, raise support, or seek God on wisdom for the future. We meet every Thursday and have started a study guide on how to “Strengthen Yourself In The Lord.” It’s exciting to have a community of people that are going through a season of transition just like me.