Hey there!

First of all I have some exciting news to share with you. It has been confirmed by my leaders that I will be going to X-Town in the northern part of Asia.

Transition is a word that has been common on my tongue. A new apartment, roommate, schedule, and job are apart of that word now. Now that I have finished my year of schooling at EBI, I am entering a season of more transition: having my own apartment near EBI, raising monthly financial support as a full-time job, and making my own schedule for this new year.

In the process of all this transition, I took some time to ask God what He wants to speak over me for this new year. He told me, “Your time has come, Deborah, to be a woman, to be a leader. Be strong and courageous. Choose Me to light your path. Trust in My faithfulness, and your promises shall come to pass.” He also gave me a scripture for this year: “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.” (Proverbs 31:25 NIV) I feel like God is encouraging me to face this year with a new sense of joy and strength that will become who I am.

What I have come to realize throughout these past two years is that when someone is letting God direct their desires and plans in life, all kinds of hardships, strongholds, and unhealthy mindsets get thrown at them. It makes sense, because whether you have a belief or not, life seems to get more hard when you follow your dreams, but it’s all worth it. You can risk struggling through something you are expected to do, or struggle through something you desire to do. The risk is worth it in the end, because the victory and accomplishment is sweeter, because it’s our desire. God has put the desire in me to go to Asia and disciple native believers. He has also put a desire in me to make videos with people, share music with people, and sing and act with people. All these desires are what God has created me to be, and I am going to brainstorm what that could look like for me in Asia!

Our organization is in a season of transition as well! Our director in Asia is going to be coming home to the States to spend time off the mission field and lead the Stateside team several months. Also, in one of the small groups that he leads in Asia, a native believer named Andy started sharing the Gospel to his co-workers. When his boss found out, he went up to Andy and asked him about it. When Andy confirmed that he was sharing, the boss asked him to share with the whole company about Christianity, so they could connect better with their Christian clients in America! God is continuing to use ordinary people like us to impact the nations and use opportunities to share His truth and extend His relationship to others.