I walk in the door, home from a fantastic dinner with two of our sisters to find our roommate, the 3 guys on our team, and our Asian friend, Josh. They’re watching the latest Todd White movie, and then it hits me, Josh is totally coming into the family tonight. The movie ends, and we strike up a conversation with Josh about what it means to have a relationship with God.

Now, Josh is a friend who we have known for a while. One of the times he heard me sharing he said annoyed, “Does she always have to talk about her faith?” If you didn’t know any better, you could say that Josh would only hang out with us for the amazing brownies my roommate could make. But, I always knew it was because of something more. He has always been the last one to leave our parties not because he was hungry for brownies, but hungry for true fulfillment.

Here we are about 2 months later and Josh is seriously considering what it means to live a life with God. He is asking so many questions but ultimately holding back because of fear. My roommate Mulan showed him a verse from the book of Joshua saying to be strong and courageous. And in that moment, it was like Jesus was sitting across from him at the table, waiting on the edge of His seat to hear Josh’s response. Ultimately, Josh said yes and finally decided to begin a relationship with God!!!!

But, what struck me about Josh’s story was that it showed me a little bit more about who God is. God pursues us. He never stops. Even when we don’t want anything to do with Him, He goes to great lengths to find and bring home the one. So much of God’s desire is just that we would want to know him too. Despite countless rejections, and the fact that when it comes down to it, he doesn’t actually need us, he possesses something far better and stronger when it comes to us; desire. Everything He does is because he loves us and desires to be with us.