Hello, I hope you had a great New Years!

I’ll be starting Bible school this coming Monday! I’m so excited! I’ll become very busy, but I’m still going to be a part of Campus Target and continue with the internship. My priorities with Campus Target will be: Saturday Support Raising, Monday Stateside Campus Target meeting, Monday Bible study with my fellow teammates, Friday recruiting meeting, and a weekly check-in with my internship leader.

I’m majoring in Missions and doing the ‘Year In the Son’ program! I’ll be taking Theology 1, Missionary Life, Evangelism in a Post-Modern World, New Testament Literature, and Hebrew Wisdom and Poetry Literature. My internship leader might have me drop that last class, just to give me more time for other priorities with Campus Target.

I’m so glad to be able to go to Bible college and gain more knowledge about the Bible and missions before heading back to Asia!