As I stepped outside to hop my electric bike and head home, my heart skipped a beat. It was gone. Frantic, hoping one of the guards had simply moved it, I was informed that 3 bikes were stolen just an hour prior and one of them was mine.

It’s in moments like these that I’m reminded how crafty the enemy can try to be. That with every victory for the Kingdom, the enemy throws a fit, like a little kid throwing a temper tantrum.

These last two weeks, there were many victories! Code has shared with all of his friends and one made a decision for Him! Alicia started a Bible study with one of her friends and is asking God for her salvation. Our new brothers and sisters finally had the opportunity to meet all of our brothers and sisters and it was super successful! Julianna, one of the girls I’ve been raising up for the last 9 months, started her own small group and is asking Gid for more brothers and sisters on her campus! God is moving!!!! The Kingdom is advancing!!!

Please keep praying for our brothers and sisters as they begin to step out in boldness in extraordinary ways! Pray that they would continue to share His love unashamedly and that as they go home for the holiday (Spring Festival) that they would have the opportunity to lead their own family to Him!

Also please be praying for my bike situation. I need to get a new bike to be able to get around and it’s going to cost me about $500 to replace it. Please be believing with me that God will provide!