I’m finally back in Asia, and I’m finally getting around to writing an update! I’m now in a different city we’ll call X-Town. The team here is great, and I’m excited to serve with them. I hit the ground running as I participated in a training for the strategic way we do ministry here. Even though I had been through this training previously I thought after five months of not thinking about small groups or discipleship, I might need a refresher. It was a great reminder of why and how we do what we do here!

At the same time, we had a gathering of our believers from each city that CT is in. I got to eat lunch with my friends Lucy (my old roommate) and Simon from K-Town! I also got to briefly catch up with Climbing, an on-fire believer from our church in K-Town. I heard, second-hand, some amazing testimonies from his time working with minority groups in the south.

He shared one story involving a man from a nearby village who had tormented his family as he grew up. This man had accused his family of many things and caused trouble with the police. When Climbing was staying with his family, he felt God tell him to go and forgive this man. Of course, there was a huge struggle within Climbing against this because this man had been so unkind to his family. Finally, he arrived at this man’s house and said out loud, “I forgive you.” This brought on a powerful time of this man saying sorry for all that he had done along with Climbing’s grandfather asking this man for forgiveness for anything he had done. I believe God can do things even greater than this when we are obedient to him!

Our retreat time in Malaysia (not Thailand this year) was amazing! I feel that God met each of us in special ways, and I’m personally ready to get back to work to see these campuses reached for Him!