As my head bounced up and down to the rhythm of the plane I tried desperately to keep myself from smashing my head on the seat in front of me. Realizing I had fallen asleep with my head leaning forward I quickly shot up and glanced around. The plane was dark and quiet with a sliver of light coming from the nearby bathroom signs on the ceiling of the plane. I yawned and shortly after the intercom crackles on while the captain tells us we will be landing shortly. After a few more turbulent ruffles we land in the KL airport. I let out a quick sigh and get out of my chair. While passengers spill out of the plane I finally reach the door and make my way to customs. I dance along with a line of people carefully following directions to get screened before entering Malaysia.

After twelve hours of waiting in the airport for our bus, we finally group up and move on. Traveling through dense woodland areas with jungle like trees our bus moves through traffic and small roads leading up to a massive mountain range. Climbing up steep roads our bus chugs harder and harder to reach our destination. We pass pedestrians and monkeys as we finally reach at large gate to a building resting on a mountain’s ledge, Peace Haven. I can finally find peace and direction.

We spill out into the Genting Highlands feeling a slight breeze gently blowing against our faces with dense clouds that resemble puffs of smoke slowly creeping up on us. I take a deep breathe of clean air as a smile forms on my face. As the week goes on and the retreat quickly comes to an end I ponder all of the sessions thus far. I still do not have peace about all that was spoken about. I do not feel closer to God at all.

I ate my first hamburger the other night in months. God never showed me anything. All these things were swirling around in my head, keeping me from finally realizing what was going on. I am closer to God by thinking about all of this. He gave me a hunger to search for Him more full heartily. I WANT Him to speak. Even though the hamburger was an answer to a prayer.

After we left the mountains we headed to the city of KL to reach out to the local church. I have never witnessed this many Asian believers singing to God. It gave me hope that Asia  is not forgotten but He will reign just as strongly as here. After four days we left Malaysia and went back to the usual. I was still feeling empty and left out, but I still wanted more.

When I got back we planned to have a 24-hour prayer session at a new place. At the very end, the last HOUR the police show up. Not once was I worried or afraid. They brought us to the station to make sure we were all registered. Something funny was happening. All of us new workers were not showing up in the system. Uh-oh, I thought, something bad was going to happen. However, the guy in charge did not care about it and let us go. Huh, I wondered. He had us the whole time protecting us. Nothing to worry about EVER. It gave me peace to finally recognize all of this. Our trip to Malaysia, the police station, and a small church meeting on Tuesday finally answered my prayers for peace. He will pull through even when you doubt what you believe and give up. I finally have peace of mind.

Hey everyone, it has been a wild few months and I have been super busy. I am not sure how many of you even read these but I try hard to remember to keep you all updated. I recently heard something that rocked my entire world from a friend here in the X on Tuesday. “If you do not have any idea what to do after this, He probably has not spoken to you yet. So you can sit back and relax before He does.” I have never once thought about this, I was always trying to figure my next steps out and having faith. Typical story…but it finally hit me! I can find peace of mind! Talk about a mind-blowing month.