As we began telling Fay about sin and how it has affected people, she leaned forward, and stopped eating her food. She had just finished telling us that she felt lonely and obviously wanted to listen to this story that had changed our lives. As Ruby passionately explained why we need saving, Fay suddenly sat back and said, “Oh, let’s first eat. I can’t listen and eat at the same time.”

What? The excitement that we felt for her to hear this story left the small eating area in a rush.

You would think after so many times of this happening, of people just not understanding the importance of this “story” that we’re telling them, we wouldn’t be surprised. Ruby and I had no choice but to continue the conversation by casually talking about life, school, and how much we love to study the language.

Fast forward to a few hours later, and I’m walking with Fay to get our bikes, silently praying that she’ll bring up the story again. Abruptly, she stops and says, “Oh, no! Ruby didn’t finish telling me about Jesus!” My heart leapt at the idea that this story affected her to the point that she would remember it, and we only told her about the bad part! I assured her that we could finish the story at our next meeting because we had arrived at our bikes.

Last night, we finally had the chance to finish this story. We again felt the disappointment when she didn’t see how God’s love affected her personally. I’ve prayed for this girl many times over the last couple weeks, and I know God is pursuing her heart. We never know how God might work in someone’s life, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does in Fay’s life 🙂 Will you help me pray for her?