“Can you send two Westerners up to the mountains to help me for a week?” This request from a key CT disciple started an epic adventure for two of our first year members, and it ended in EIGHT people of an extremely unreached people group giving their lives to Jesus!

The request came from a recent graduate with the English name Climbing. After finishing university he committed himself to full-time work among one of the most unreached Buddhist people groups in the world. Climbing had an opportunity to get a job in their area, but he needed some English-speakers to cement his “cool factor” and encourage the school to hire him.

Enter our CTers – two first-year guys who love the Lord and are always up for an adventure. They took off on a long bus ride on winding mountain roads to meet up with him.

As they walked the city streets together, they were talking about the importance of following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Climbing felt led to turn right suddenly, and they entered the courtyard of a private home!

Seven older women were seated there, curious why this recent graduate and two foreigners had joined them. Climbing started speaking, but soon thought, “They just need to see the power of God.”

He asked if they could lay hands on them, and as they prayed all seven women each felt pain completely leave their body! They were shocked, and as Climbing and the guys explained how God can bring His power into our lives, all seven gave their lives to the Lord! And another person made the same decision later in their trip!

In the end, Climbing got hired and received his work permit, and our CT guys got to be part of something really special. Those women have taken the first step in their journey with God, and Climbing already has new believers to teach and train.

We are excited about Climbing and another disciple, Lucy, who has committed herself to full-time service reaching the campuses. There are others who are helping lead local churches, and all of our core Asian leaders are coming together across cities to bring an increased sense of national identity to the church. Thank you for your prayer and support as these young people commit themselves to Kingdom service!

Please pray for the church and our team in Asia, as well as our Stateside recruiters – we’re three weeks away from our first training event for next year’s team! Thank you!