“Even if you live to be 100, that’s only 100 years of persecution. After that you get to be with Jesus.” This was said by an older man met on a short-term trip that four of our people went on this past week. They related story after story and miracle after miracle as we listened to all that God had done during that trip. This particular story took place in a village where only one family were believers. I’m not sure all the troubles this family encountered due to their belief, but I’m sure it’s not easy being the only believers in the whole village. Our people got to encourage and learn from these believers!

My trip to the States was great! I’m sorry if I didn’t get the chance to connect with all of you, but the time went by so fast. The whole trip felt like one long, divine appointment. The trip started off with a bang as my parents and I were in a car accident that we could have been seriously injured in, but God (and my dad’s amazing driving skills) protected us. On top of protection, my parents ended up getting a good amount of money from insurance, even though it was a hit and run. It was a scary, but miraculous occurrence! I was able to see my dad’s side of the family after two years of not seeing many of them, and I was able to connect with a few of you! I had the chance to spend a lot of time with my grandma, too, who hasn’t been feeling well. My sister’s wedding also went off without a hitch, and overall, I felt incredibly blessed by God the entire time I was home! Thank you to anyone who prayed for me during that time!

Things are just getting back to normal in K-town as our people took a short break and went on the trip. Lucy has started a new job which God provided (praise Him!), but this means her role within the church will shift a little as she’s busier. Liberty has a few decisions to make soon about her future and this seems to be a source of worry right now, but she’s been staying close to Godd and I fully believe He’ll reveal His plans to her! Gao also has a new job that still allows him to do a lot with the church. He’s processing his calling and God’s plan as well. Please be praying for these people as they make these life-defining decisions. They all want to follow God with their lives, so please pray for courage and guidance 🙂 It seems like a lot of changes are coming up for our team and the church here. Please pray that God’s grace would cover us here and that we would all be in tune with his Spirit for guidance. Also, please pray with us that more students would begin living their lives for Jesus!