During our annual retreat this year, we felt like God was calling us as a group and as individuals to pray like we have never prayed before, even more than we had in the past after hearing the same call.

Upon returning to our cities and starting the new semester in March, all across CT we joined in 30 days of around the clock 24-hour praying. 30 days!!! At first, it seemed daunting, especially as we coordinated schedules both Asia and Stateside. But with a couple of well-organized spreadsheets in place we were off! And God started moving! Below are just some of the amazing things that happened during the 30 Days of praying:

  • Two sisters who had both made decisions to follow God in the X but since fell away came back in the SAME night to one of our churches! One girl especially was so encouraging because she had been one of the key leaders in our group before walking away.
  • We saw multiple people get saved, people get dunked, and new Traning Groups start!
  • Over a dozen potential future CTers came together in our annual April Training where they got equipped to make the final decision to come to Asia AND to raise support over the summer.

Wow! God is amazing!!!! When you take the time to set aside and cry out to Him, there is no limit to what He can do!

After our 30 days were finished, we didn’t want to stop there. So starting on May 15th, we will be launching our 10,000 Hours of Prayer initiative. For the next 365 days, all across CT we will endeavor to collectively engage in 10,000 hours of praying. In order to see that happen, each person in our group will need to commit to roughly 4-5 hours a week of intercessory praying for 50 weeks out of the year. As much as possible, we want to do these hours in pairs and want to cry out together for this nation and for Him to do a move here.

I want to ask you, would you like to join me?

Would you like to partner with me and be a part of this one-year goal of 10,000 hours of prayer? While the hours you personally pray will not count towards our organization goal of 10,000 hours, I would still love to have as many people as possible partner with me! Two are better than one!