As I took a walk around the small town where I’m living, I probably looked like a typical young adult glued to her phone missing out on the beautiful autumn colors around me. In actuality, I was talking my Asian friend Liberty through some recent struggles that she had been going through. She had appeared in my dream the night before, so I decided to text her and catch up. She just needed to be reminded about grace and God’s love for her, but I’m honored that God would use me to speak into her life 🙂

Things like this have been reminding me why I do the work I do in Asia. I know that people here need God, too. I know I could live here, be near my friends and family, and still do awesome work for the Kingdom. I see people do that with their lives every day. I see many of you living that out every day! Yet, there’s still something inside of me that says, “You don’t belong in America right now.” It’s the same thing that makes my heart ache when I see the mention of Asia in a movie. Despite coming back to America four months ago worn out and questioning whether I wanted to go back, my heart is alive again for the college students that are being taught there is no hope beyond the government and themselves. I’m finally excited to go back to Asia 🙂

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey with me. Catching up with many of you in September encouraged me and strengthened my faith. I’m still working on plane tickets, but my plan is to be back in Asia in early January! I’ll be going straight into m!ministry because (praise God) I’m done with intensive language study. Thank you to all who pray and stand with me!