I don’t know about you, but I think winter is right around the corner. Maybe winter has hit some of you already. Here they have a saying that thereis no spring or fall only summer and winter, because they seem to be the longest and unpleasant seasons. It’s either really unbearably hot or cold.

Anyway, these days it hasn’t been too bad we’ve been having quite beautiful days even though the air is starting to get bad. But I am still finding things to right around the corner!

I must say these past months have continued to be a struggle and it’sbeen hard to find things to be thankful for in the midst. It has seemed like bad news has come from all facets of my life these days. With friends going through and experiencing hardships, people on our team, to my own personal challenges and hardships, I have felt I can’t bear anymore.

As soon as I thought I was experiencing breakthrough, something happened that about put me over the edge. A few days ago my phone was stolen. I was so upset, I felt I had lost so many precious things, photos/memories, important notes, etc. I felt so overwhelmed and was having the feeling that I just wanted to give up. Why do bad things have to keep happening, and why do I have to continue to suffer. But with all of these struggles and challenges FATHER is still good and is working, and moving through me and through the others around me who are facing difficult battles and struggles. God is still in control and is up to something BIG something Great!

We as a city have been challenging ourselves to pray like we have never prayed before, and the enemy knows how powerful our prayers truly are, and he would like nothing more than to bring us down. But “we will not be overtaken we will not be overcome”. We have already won the victory!

Family, would you join with us, in praying like you never have before and see GOD do amazing things!! He is a Father who keeps His promises! He is faithful to complete the good work in us! He is still a good, good Father even in the midst of trials and testing! May we come out of the fire purified and perfected being a reflection of HIM.

I wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving! That your cup would be overflowing with thankfulness…And that you would experience the goodness of our Great Father