“Have you had bad dreams the last couple nights?”
“Yeah, but I just pray, and then I’m not scared!”

This was coming from a girl who has been fearful of evil spirits (aka demons) for most of her life. XJ’s family is very superstitious, so she learned fear as a young child. The enemy has used dreams and circumstances to create a fear in her that almost kept her from giving her life to Jesus. God won the battle for her soul recently, though! As we talked to XJ last week, Liberty, Lucy, and I all had the chance to express the power of God’s love over anything scary in her life. Finally, XJ brought up the fact that the past week she had had a fight with herself where she said,”Maybe I should just forget about believing in Jesus…No! I want to believe in Jesus!” XJ was afraid to share this struggle because she was afraid we would be disappointed in her, but when she finally shared everything in her heart, she decided to fully commit to Jesus. That night, we had the chance to spontaneously baptize XJ in our bathroom and saw her cross from fearful and anxious into God’s freedom!

Please keep XJ in your prayers, because she is a new Christian in this spiritual war that we’re a part of, and the enemy clearly doesn’t want to lose his hold on her. Pray that Dad would protect her mind and heart, and that she would understand her identity in God!