Brace yourself, this update will be a little bit longer. 🙂

Last I wrote, college students were out on missions trips led by them, not us, some without a plan of even where they would stay!

One group was in a secluded mountain village. One thing that you must know in order to grasp the magnitude of this event, is that according to the Joshua project, that people group, which lives in that village, is 0.00% Christian.

Our small team walked into this village, and, with the village being so remote, began being bombarded with questions.

“What is the last name of the people you are looking for?”
Daniel didn’t know, so he just guessed.

“What do they look like?”
Not really sure.

“How is it that you don’t know anything about them?”
Daniel hesitated. “Well, there is one thing I know, they believe in Jesus.”

“Oh! They live right up there!”

With that conversation, Daniel and company discovered the first ever know Christians from that people group!! Jesus won another tribe to worship Him for eternity!

A few other highlights from the trip:

– A young man gave his life to Christ from one of the most well-known unreached people groups in the world

– My friend Liberty’s grandmother gave her life to Christ. She is also from an extremely unreached people group.

– Another young man gave his life to Christ in a village where he exclaimed to one of our students, “No one in our village has ever even heard of Jesus before!”

Thank you so so so much for investing with prayer into this event!


Today (the 10th here) is a special day, because it wraps up a special month of praying 24/7 for 30 days. Our team has made it a priority to pray and at times sacrifice sleep or other plans in order to pray like we’ve never prayed before. We’ve felt a strong urge from the Lord to pray, pray, pray, and not let another semester go by with the nagging question:

“But what would God have really done if we had really prayed?”

Soooo many prayers have been answered, and things that seemed hard befores uddenly seem easy. People who were closed to the Gospel before suddenly want to believe. Students too preoccupied with their studies to get involved in a church suddenly make it a priority, and in the past year, two separate stories over a year in the making unfold beautifully.

– *Kristine and Lili* – About a year ago, Kristine faced expulsion from school because of her faith, and because Lili turned her in and told lies to the school about church activities. Relationships had been broken, Kristine stayed in school but receive persecution from her family, to the point of physical abuse, and only a hope that God could possibly do a miracle with this situation remained.

Well, on Easter, with tears in her eyes, Kristine baptized Lili. God did a miracle and restored Lili to Himself and the Church!

– *Chloe* – One of my fiance’s best Chinese friends about a year and a half ago painfully walked away from God and all ties to the church. After many tears and prayers at the time, Chloe would meet with us, but would bitingly ask that we not talk about God.

Yesterday, Chloe showed up at the big biweekly worship time. She’s back, and it seems back for good. God did it again!

The fruit we have seen from our investment in prayer has resulted in some real life changing and dramatic events.

Please continue praying radically with us!

– Please pray that the churches here would continue to grow and multiply. Pray especially for leaders in the churches: Kristine, Jack, Daniel, David, James, Rose, Liberty, Climbing, Simon, Lucy, Serene, Jane, and Jenny.

– As a personal request, Autumn and I are in the thick of wedding planning! Please pray for us as we plan and prepare. As we’ve been ministers in Asia for the past 7 and 8 years, we haven’t been able to save up much money for something as significant as a wedding – please pray that God would give us ways to celebrate in a beautiful and memorable way! 🙂

That all may know,