Hello from the other side! It’s been a while. I returned from my trip to Thailand + spring festival a couple of weeks ago. The students had a month long vacation and school started just a week ago.  Thailand wasn’t as restful as I thought it would be. I missed being here. I love the work here. For spring festival, I got to go to a friend’s village south of here. It was a good experience.

In my previous letter I had mentioned Jerry, Jesse, and Pat. Let me tell you more about them.

Jerry – I met him at an English corner. It was clearly His providence because one of the questions being asked was about the afterlife and I got to share my thoughts on it. I introduced my faith to me and told me that what I had shared moved him and asked to get lunch with me. My ministry partner and I shared with him over lunch a week later and he said he needed more time. He is still thinking about it. Please be lifting him up.

Pat – Pat, whose English is phenomenal, has been a tough nut to crack. He was introduced to me after an earlier attempt to share the good news with him. I was able to relate well with him since I come from this part of the world. What he told me was sad. He talked about how he had been shared the good news previously by five other missionaries, and when he denied, people moved away from him, and how it never felt like people wanted to be friends with him. I have been meeting him every now and then just to get to know him. He studies language and culture and knows a lot about the western world. I hope to be meeting with him this semester and continue pouring into his life. Please be lifting him up too.

Jesse – I got to meet her through other friends on the team. She’d heard about the Bible a year ago and had some of her friends witness to her. She had been studying the Book since then but never made a decision. She had a lot of legit questions and wasn’t afraid to ask them. By His grace, I was able to answer a couple of her questions and get her a step closer to the kingdom. The following week, I received news from mutual friends that she’d finally made a decision. Oh what great joy! Since then she has been meeting regularly with girls from my team for discipleship. It was all Him! I was just the tool, Praise Him!

Things have been good here. I have only another 8 weeks and so I want to go all in. Pray that the Father will give me strength and perseverance.