I hope you’ve been enjoying these b-e-a-utiful warm days we’ve been having as much as I have! I wanted to share with you really quickly something exciting that’s happening in CT starting tomorrow. From 8:00am, March 11th, until 9:00am on April 10th, CT will be engaged in round-the-clock praying! Between our workers in Asia and the U.S., we will have at least two people praying every minute of the day for our churches, the believers in our cities, new salvations, and for new w0rkers to be called to Asia. This means that every person in CT will devote around 8 hours each week to lifting up the Asian Church.

It’s thrilling for me to hear everyone’s excitement as we talk about this challenge (even though, quite frankly, I think we’re every bit intimidated as we are excited).

As we head into this season, one passage that has been on my mind a lot is found in Luke 18, at the end of the parable of the persistent widow. In this story, Jesus presents us with this lesson: If an uncaring, unfeeling authority can be swayed to act on someone else’s behalf because of sheer persistence, how much more will a Father rush to the aid of his child who cries out to him day and night?

At the very end of this story, though, we find this verse: “But how much of that kind of persistent faith will the Son of Man find on the earth when He returns?”

Whoa! Talk about conviction.

We believe G0d is able and willing to answer our prayers, but do we act in accordance with that belief? Does our Father find us often on our knees, crying out to Him for the things we and the Church need? Do I pray in a way that shows persistent faith in the notion that my Father is good and will accomplish righteousness and justice for his people?

I’ve been incredibly convicted by these questions in the past few days. I hope this next “thirty days of prayer” will bring me closer on my journey to being able to answer all of these questions with a hearty yes.

As we head into this season, would you consider joining us in pray for:

Our teams around the world
The believers in our cities and their walks with the L0rd
New friends to have open hearts as we share God’s story
Safety for our teams and friends
God to raise some of our friends up as evangelists, missionaries, and shepherds at home and abroad