Hello Folks,

Saying goodbyes is tough, isn’t it? I get a double espresso shot of sadness because I have to say goodbyes to friends I have made here and the team since I won’t be going back to the States with them. But God has helped me in this regard because of the transitions I have made in the last couple of years. I’m thankful for such experiences.

This week I get to say the last goodbye to my dearest friends here.

In my previous letter, I talked about taking some personal time — it was a nourishment to my soul. Two weeks ago, after a game of frisbee, I sat down at a dinner table surrounded by 9 dudes all eagerly listening to my lecture on life and its adventures. We talked about life in the US and India, traveling and when the subject of faith was brought up, it soon got brushed under the table. I’m a little bummed that I met these guys only this past week when I’m almost done with work here, but I know that a couple of these guys are connected with a church and so I’m hoping they’ll reach out.

I love what our God is doing with Code; he is on fire! He has shared with all his friends and whenever we meet him, he invites us to go see some of his friends and share with them. A couple of weeks back, my ministry pal, Buzz, and I decided to go to Code’s campus for a prayer session and we invited him to join us. He has a huge burden for his dear pals Aaron and Aries who seem to be not interested in hearing the good news from him, but Code is very persistent and so we lifted them up. Buzz pep-talked him up a little bit, telling him about the great commisi0n. It was wonderful worshiping and praying with Code.

The night before we had to move out of our apartments, Code invited his friends and held a spontaneous worship session and it was wonderful to see him lead and send us off with prayers. To see how Code has matured from initially being reluctant in responding to the good news to leading a fellowship – that’s heartening folks!

Going off on a tangent, my parents from India and my American mom are here visiting with me. They’ll get to see a glimpse of what I have been doing. They have already met some of my friends and love it here. I’ll be traveling with them to Beijing and Shanghai to visit with returnees from Cornell. I have had the opportunity of fellowshipping with these folks while at the Cornell International Fellowship. I hope to check in on them to see how they’re doing and encourage them in their walk. I’m thankful to God for this opportunity.

I’m grateful for what God has done in me and through me the last 9 months and I couldn’t have done it without your help. So thank you for standing by me. Remember, you have made an impact in this land.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for supporting me financially and spiritually.

My time here has come to an end, but this is not the end.