I just want to tell you how amazing God was in answering my personal prayers. Throughout the Christmas season, I was praying for greater joy. It turned out that, personally, Christmas was a great time of connecting with God, hanging out with friends, and Skyping with families.

Now for the highlights. This past month, again we did a 24-hour prayer time, except this time we fasted as well. The result could not have been more amazing! One of the things that I felt God asked me to pray in faith was praying for the salvation of 5 people. That 5 people during this holiday season would come to know Him. Guess what, God did not wait long to answer that prayer. As soon as the time was over, some of our teams went out to share and a group of 5 people who heard the Gospel, ALL 5 came to accept the eternal GIFT! What an answer to prayers! Can you believe it? While all of us were amazed at God’s goodness and how fast He answered the prayers, but at the same time, we shouldn’t. The Bible clearly tells us that He not only hears our prayers, but also answer them accordingly.

You think answer to prayers and five people coming to have eternal life were amazing, but that’s not all that God did this month. I cannot contain the excitement to tell you that this month, six people also got baptized! As I have shared before, this is a significant personal choice in following Jesus! These six individuals before the witnesses of their Asian friends committed to share the Gospel, follow Jesus no matter how hard life gets, how much persecutions they will experience, and to love Him with their all of their hearts. After the water baptism, we prayed that they will also receive the spiritual baptism, the Holy Spirit came upon where the people were and they spoke in tongues.

What can I write that can top the previous two paragraphs? Well one of the things that our teams have been in fervent prayers about is a 2nd generation of believers. That these second generation of believers would be trained by the first generation. Slowly, but surely, it is coming to pass! So far, we have at least three 2nd generation small groups that are going on. Please understand and rejoice with me. This is a significant breakthrough in the vision of reaching Asia for Christ. There believers will be the next generation of people who shape how Asia influences not only their own nations, but other nations and as well as reaching more people in the 10/40 window.