Our family has just gotten a little bigger! My friends Code and Alicia got baptized a couple weeks ago! It was so awesome to watch them publicly display their faith in front of their friends. I actually had the awesome honor of baptizing Code myself! He was very excited when he gave his testimony and I could tell how strongly he felt about it.

Last week, Code asked if I could hang out with him and we could share with his friends David and Baron. We went to dinner and started talking and I got to share the entire message with them! David didn’t want it, but when I asked Baron, he said, “Of course I want it! This is such good news!” So now Baron is a believer too! Code is going to start a Bible study with him and some other believers, starting off the second generation of believers in his university!

The way we work here is that when someone makes the decision to follow Christ, we train that person to share the Gospel with their fiends. Any of their friends who get saved are considered part of what we call the second generation (of believers). This process can lead to third and fourth generations all over the city. This is the “net” of believers that I told you about! It’s one thing to hear the logistics of it and understand it, but it is something entirely different to see it in real life with people I really know and love!