This month I have been trying to plug each and every believer into a training group (TG). It has not been easy, given that I am working with college students, sometimes time and people can be unpredictable and sometimes it’s because of the teachers who suddenly assigned the students various assignments. Regardless, the work has been rewarding as several believers are plugged into a training group and are growing. Not only that, during these TGs, we not only worship, read the Scripture and pray, but we have also been memorizing verses together. We are growing together and it is amazing.

This past month, I have also gone to an orphanage to volunteer and it reminded me just how sad things can be and how bright that an individual can make a child’s life brighter or just a few hours. They don’t need anything other than just my time and me paying attention to them. It has been super rewarding personally for me. It is my hope that sometime this semester, I can take my fellow believers with me to these orphanages and we can serve together.

This past month, I have also been praying significantly more and felt significantly attacked by the enemy. Just the other day, my roommate and I got into an accident with a car because the other car did not have his headlight on and was slightly drunk, which caused me to spend most of my day on Monday at a traffic police station. When we pray, the enemy notices and will fight back, but you know what…he has already lost the battle and we are victorious in Christ.