A slight breeze gently caresses my arm sending a soft tickle into my skin. As I walk further out of my apartment building I feel the comforting warmth of the sun, ever so slightly peeking it’s head out to greet me. Winter is over. The clouds (and most of the smog) have quietly blown away and set off on a new journey. The sun shines with the intensity of a new light bulb being screwed in for the first time to my dampened eyes. Squinting, I look up and see oceans of blue I never thought possible in a city filled with smog choking the life out of the sky. I let out a bright smile and sigh in relief knowing the cold, dark and windy days are far behind us trailing off with the clouds. Seeing kids run around and play with their grandmas, grandpas, and mothers I quickly bike past budding trees. “He made all of this beauty” I pondered. It got me thinking about all of the people’s lives we can impact with a single word. Acting as if we are the sun shining on those who were stuck in cold and darkness. He gives us the ability to be a light while blowing us into their lives to love them. Regaining my thoughts, I quickly peddle up to the north gate of the campus. I take a deep breathe gulping down air like a thirsty dog drinking from a bowl in the summer. The campus is green and starting to bud with life. Springing all sorts of trees to life with colorful flowers that make my eyes itch. Ying Hua (Cherry blossoms) are flowering on the campus painting a beautiful picture in front of my eyes. The white and pink blossoms are gently swaying in the wind causing an unlucky few petals fall to the ground. Just like the new life springing up over campus, He has begun to spring new life into new students.

Hey everyone! It has been a while since I last wrote and this update will be a little shorter than most. I have been a little busy and have been forgetting to write. Spring has finally made it to the X and I am really enjoying the nice weather… until it starts to get over 100. He has been doing great things this past month seeing more and more people choosing to accept. My time here is almost over and I will be a little unsatisfied leaving. I do not have much to show, but I know my seeds were not throw away and will be used by Him in the future. I want to believe with all my soul that this was one of the greatest experiences of my entire life. I have grown not only in faith but in person as well. I am not sure of the possibilities I have when I return, but I know it wont be stuck at Giant. Please pray for us as we travel to up north in a few weeks for a visa run that everything goes smoothly. Also, for my trusting in Him and faith.