For you can have 10,000 instructors in Christ, but you can’t have many fathers. For I became your father in Christ Jesus through the Gospel. ~ 1 Cor 1:15

When a child is born, he depends upon his parents to feed him, to cloth him, and to change his diaper. As the child grows, he no longer need to be fed by his parents, he can start to use utensils to feed himself. As he continue to grow, for a period of time, he still need his parents to provide clothing, food, and shelter, but there is one day when the father or mother would say, “I have provided for you for these past however many years, I have taught you how to do it, and now I want to watch you do it. If you need help, I am here to help you. As the child grow he begin to gain confidence that he can provide for himself, more and more he becomes independent, but there are still occasions where he would go to his parents for wisdom. This is the journey into adulthood.

One of many things that I have been learning is that in ministry, if I have no end goal in mind, then I am never going to accomplish anything. You see, if I was to aim at nothing, then I would hit it every time. If I aim at nothing then I hit nothing. So coming into this second semester, my partner and I’s goal is to form our discipleship group into self sustaining church.

So this means for next semester, we will be teaching them things about how to study the Bible, how to feed themselves spiritually, prayers, communion, and we will be baptizing them soon as well. All of the details are still be formulated and nothing is set yet. Honestly, this is a bit scary. In a way, my partner and I are their spiritual father, feeding them food and I don’t think we will ever get out of that role, but just like the earthly father at some point stop feeding the child with his spoon so that the child learn to eat by himself so this is what my partner and I strive toward as well.

For this coming week, would you join me in prayer and ask the Father on my behalf to teach my partner and I how to guide the believers here in G-town into adulthood? That He would teach us what it means to be His disciple and to chase after Him? Please join with us as we strategize and plan for this coming semester.