Here in X, the code word for baptism is dunking and when we communicate it via text messages, sometimes, we just use water droplets. We have not had to do this so far this year, but 5 days ago, we were able to dunk two brothers! It has been long coming, for our team, you, and I have been praying without ceasing for these brothers since the semester had started. What is even more amazing was that this event was completely led by our Asian brothers and sisters. Sometimes, the struggle is you, I do have to pray more, share more, and disciple more, but it is ALL worth it to see someone take the next step in growing with Jesus. #thestruggleisreal

With one baptism behind us, we are planning an another baptism, where this time, we are hoping three people will be baptized. The challenge is that right now, it is school’s finals. In universities everywhere, finals time is just absolutely crazy and many students just live in the library. On top of that, the master’s degree program entrance exam is almost always on December 24, how convenient and this year is no exception.

Recently, I am studying the inter-testament time, in it, the teacher said something I believe is very appropriate to this holiday season. “When Jesus comes on the scene and claims His Messiahship, however, it begins to show that He is the one in whom God’s hope resides. What Jesus does is to show that the battle is not a political battle with Rome but rather that the battle is a larger battle with Satan and with spiritual forces–with forces that oppress humanity, not in social way so much, although it manifests itself sometimes socially, but ultimately from the human heart itself.”