TWO of mine and Merah’s friends have started a relationship with God!!!! AND, TWO of our friends got baptized!!!! The night of the baptism was amazing for so many reasons. One of my favorite moments was when we all gathered around our Asian brothers and sisters, laid hands on them, and prayed for them. In that moment, we weren’t just friends from different cultures who believed in the same God. In that moment, we were members of the same body, calling out to our King for guidance, provision, and blessing. In that moment, I felt truly honored to say that these young men and women were more than just my friends, they were my brothers and sisters.

Although most of the night was spoken in the native Asian language, there was something more than words which bonded us. God’s presence was rich in the atmosphere, speaking to each one, and resting in our hearts. That night has marked the beginning of something huge for the body of believers here; we’ve only just begun to see the fruit.