The last time I wrote you, two people got baptized and since that day 11 students have came to make the decision for the Lord. REJOICE! Can you believe it? You prayed for and with me and God answered.

As a body, we came together and celebrated Christmas. There is an orange soda where you can only buy where I am living and very few and rare places have it. In the native language it’s called Bing Feng, which translates to Ice Peak. At one of the events around Christmas with Asian friends who are not in the family, 8 people came into the family. Can you believe it?

Personally I am doing well. There are just a lot of things going on and a lot of details I need to pay attention to. With Christmas and New Year party behind me, I am focusing on moving as well as getting people to attend the special January Asia-wide retreat. During this retreat native believers from across the country will be traveling to one location for three days. There will be special worship, teaching, fellowship, and future vision planning.