Imagine growing up in a culture that is totally different than ours, where you have never heard of our Heavenly Father before. No one teaches you about Him; you grow up learning to live your life on your own and approach situations with way different values and traditions. This is the boat that all of my Asian friends are in. And that’s okay! An important thing to know is that every culture is a culture that can learn to love and embrace Christ.

Tonight, my heart was soaring for two of our friends, Tina and Hilda. We invited them over to our apartment for the night. We cooked dinner for them, played games, and then had a time of w0rship. We played songs in their language, singing to God, revealing truths of the good news and the love that He has for us. We also sang and played on the guitar for them an Asian song to Jesus that our friend wrote.

They shared their hearts with us about the change that faith has made in their lives, and we shared the different ways that we have encountered the Lord too. To know that they will soon be joining a small group of Asian believers brings me a lot of peace and excitement for them. They are maturing. I don’t think there could be anything more rewarding than to see two of your friends who you have led to the Lord also growing in their relationship with Him. Everything about this night was simply incredible.