Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!!! Turkey is something that doesn’t exist here in Asia, but there is no way us Americans (plus one Canadian and one New Zealander) are going to go without it this Thanksgiving. That’s why we ordered a turkey from America to arrive at our doorstep tomorrow morning when we celebrate! Expensive? yes. But, well worth it.

So much has been happening here in X-town that I don’t really know where to begin. I’m pretty sure that it was shortly after my last update, that I got to lead my friend Nina into a relationship with our Heavenly Father!! SO amazing, and I still am in awe that I get to be a part of what God is doing here in Asia. Nina is so precious, and told me, “I have been wanting to believe in God for a long time now.” She seriously just didn’t know how. What a privilege to tell her about Jesus! It seems like every few days I’m hearing another story from other people on the team of a new salvation.

We had to take another trip to renew our visas, and we took the opportunity of leaving the city to share the Gospel as much as possible in the city we were staying. I felt a lot of spiritual attack and was starting to feel really sick, but God gave me the ability to push through, and I ended up getting to share the Gospel with 6 friends in just three days in the city we were staying! None of them decided to follow, but you know what? It still was amazing and it just means that the Word is going forth more and more in a place where not many have heard!