Our team, within the last twoish weeks of being in Asia, has already been seeing multiple people come into the family! Sometimes, on the days where you are tired and don’t particularly feel up for anything, God has a whole lot up His sleeve. For example, today me and my roommates had plans to go out on campus and meet up with a few friends: Martha, Sam, and Zoey. It has really been a long week and all three of us were a little tired going into it, but we still had expectation that God was gonna move.

We got some frozen yogurt with these girls and we were just chatting about life in the X. In the last week or so, it has been dreadfully dark, rainy, and smoggy (because of the pollution). When Zoey talked about how sick of the weather she was, I saw it as an opportunity to share a bit of my testimony. “Several years ago, I really struggled with depression,” I shared. “And when it was dark like this outside, it made it much worse. But now I am filled with joy even when the weather is gloomy, because I met someone who changed my life.” I began to share about Jesus. I had tears in my eyes. Honestly, it is heart breaking to see the response of my Asian friends every time I ask, “Have you ever heard of God?” Most of the time, the answer is a flat out no. We always go through and share the whole story of the good news. My teammates and I really bounced off of one another and shared how sin has separated us from God, but how we can have relationship with God through Jesus if we believe. When we got to the end, we asked them if they wanted to have this relationship with God. All three of them admitted that they need Him and said YES!! This is so exciting. It was my first time ever leading someone into a relationship with God.

Please pray for these 3 girls, Martha, Sam, and Zoey. Pray that they would have dreams and visions of God, and real encounters with God, so that they can truly know Him for themselves. After they accepted Jesus, we spent the day with them, and at one point, Zoey said, “I will need to think about this some more.”

I don’t think that is a bad thing. It’s good to know what you are believing before you dive in. However, pray that this seed would not be snatched up. This is truly such a new concept for them and they have never even heard of God before today except maybe in a western culture class. They need to know that He can be their God too, and that is not just a good American idea. I believe that these are my sisters now, and so I wanted them to feel encouraged and assured in their decision. Please be thinking of the team over here. I really appreciate how you have stood with me.