“I feel inner peace. It’s like a lake that’s completely still.”

Leo had just prayed to begin his new life with Jesus and we asked him how he felt. What an incredible picture of what God did in his heart.

Over some delicious dishes, my teammates and I were able to tell Leo that God not only created him, but God also sent His son as a sacrifice to cover Leo’s sins.

After Leo prayed to receive God and to start his new life, he asked, “So how can I strengthen my relationship with God?” Wow, what a great question to ask! We got to share with him the importance of praying with God, reading the good book, and meeting with other members of God’s family.

It was an amazing night with a new brother. However, the story of Leo’s new life began before we met him.

The day before, Ruby, one of our long-term workers, met Leo when she was out sharing the good news with Trailblazer and Mitzi. Leo helps lead tours for alumni on his campus. Ruby, Trailblazer, and Mitzi were looking for a bathroom while Leo was out leading a tour. As a special part of the tour, Leo was able to let alumni go to the top of the tall clock tower on campus. The tower was recently closed off because many students have jumped from the top of it. In fact some of us have been praying for a while against the spirit of depression and anxiousness on the campus and asking God to let this tower be prayed over. Leo let Ruby, Trailblazer, and Mitzi go to the top of the tower. And then they all got to cry out to God in prayers at the top of the tower.

After dinner with Leo, my teammates and I got to celebrate Leo’s spiritual birthday over bubble tea. He showed us around parts of the campus. And near the end of our time together he said something that still strikes me as I write it to you now.

“Maybe meeting Ruby was also part of God’s plan.” Wow! Leo was able to see God’s hand in everything that happened. God works in the background even if we don’t always see it. I pray that you will also experience God working in your life this week.