While recruiting new workers for the mission, we often get opportunities to hear the amazing things God is doing in Asia.For example, six weeks ago we heard about the disciples in Campus Target organizing a missions trip to the UNREACHED PEOPLE GROUPS in southern Asia. Hearing that news made me want to dance and shout! ūüôā

Likewise, this month’s news made me so thankful!

It’s called the Dandelion Project.

Have you ever picked up an aging dandelion that’s bearing white seeds? If you blow on it- the seeds fly absolutely everywhere- scattered by your breath. That’s the idea behind the “Dandelion Project.”

Since we work on university campuses, eventually some of our disciples  graduate and leave us, receiving job offers all over the nation. We believe this is a strategic opportunity to reach places we could never reach by ourselves.

This year’s graduates really embraced the transition they were in. They are being sent out- equipped to make a¬†difference and to possibly plant their own church. That is multiplication and we love it!

Olive Oyl and I are very thankful for this season and we have some great news to share!

Recently, we started¬†contacting Bible schools and institutes that CT has¬†never reached out to before. We want¬†to see if we could engage their students¬†with this opportunity to plant churches in Asia. Two campuses have already invited us to upcoming missions conferences!¬†And we have only just begun! We can’t wait to share with them and all the other places God will open up to us!

We continue to coach¬†and help¬†the team that will leave¬†for Asia in 7 weeks.¬†I plan on traveling with them¬†to help get them situated. I can’t describe how eager I am to get back on campus myself while I am there!

This month a lot of our leaders are in Asia so Olive Oyl and I are helping to hold down the fort stateside. You may get to hear more great stories when they return.¬†Praying, recruiting, sending, going… we are all working together to bring a message of grace¬†to those who haven’t heard it.

Thank you so much for serving with us!