Two weeks ago I read an email from someone I recruited last year. As he described a special gathering in a small apartment and what it was like baptizing his friend that he shared the Gospel with a few months ago, I was left in awe.

Christmas morning I woke before my wife and daughter and set up a quick video chat with 4 or 5 team members that were recruited last year and was amazed as they told me about the Christmas parties they had just days before. Tons of friends were hungry to know more about Jesus and more than a half-dozen of their friends joined the family!

Again. Speechless.

Just last week I was catching up with a buddy who recently became fully funded and flew over to begin a three-year commitment in Asia. His roommates in the background kept interjecting their faces on the screen to tell me more of what God was doing. When I told them that I had heard — that I knew about the Christmas parties and what happened, they responded, “no- even more has happened in the last week since then! About 8 more students joined the family!”

It’s incredible!

With all of this in mind, we take heart as we recruit next year’s team. We know that the more people we can help answer the call to go, the more people we are helping hear the Gospel message — many for the first time!

Thank you for all your love and support!