I can’t believe another month has already passed by! We’ve been busy working with the new team going to Asia this summer. As their lives turn upside-down, we are right there with them – meeting regularly for guidance, prayer, accountability, answering questions, and encouragement.

While serving those already committed to going to the mission field, we are continuing to recruit others to join Campus Target. Last Saturday night, my husband Popeye reached out to hundreds of young adults. It seems as though there are more and more people to connect with every day. The more recruiting Popeye does, the more he likes it.

We have some other news to share with you: CT has asked us to stay on help with recruiting until January. This is a great opportunity. After living in Asia for 6 months and walking onto the campuses, we know how vast the need is for more workers! There are so many students in Asia (30 million) and many have no idea who Jesus is. The more people we send, the more people will come to know Him!

Popeye was also asked to travel to Asia with the new team and help get them established there. Since he is familiar with the team that is forming, and he is also familiar with the culture they are entering and the team already in Asia, he will be able to offer some stability, security, and wisdom.

On a different (family) note, last week was pretty significant for us – we reunited with our team that we served with in Asia. It was special to spend time with them – to see how they have grown and to hear stories of what happened on the campuses after we left. It was hard to say goodbye all over again, but we are oh so glad we saw them.

We are doing what we love and loving what we do. Thank you for being a part of our team.