Almost everyone I build a relationship with is a college student… Except Que, he is totally different.

Que is a business man, a mover-and-a-shaker, an entrepreneur.

He runs a business that teaches students how to master the English language. He works on several campuses and interacts with hundreds of students every month. The first time I entered his home as a guest I had actually never met him before. I followed some friends into a cab after English corner not knowing where we were going. When I arrived at Que’s home he offered us all a place around his living room table and we shared a meal. There were people from America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. It was an awesome night!

For the next month, our team reached out to Que. One particular evening, some discerning team members told him to get together with me and exchange life stories. Before I knew it Que and his girlfriend were inviting my wife, daughter, and I over for lunch. I shared my life story with Que that day: what life was like growing up, things I struggled with, important decisions I made that reflected what was going on inside. I told him about when a co-worker first told me how and why I needed to believe in Jesus.

When I first heard the Gospel, it all seemed to go against everything I believed and stood for– one man telling another man how to get to G0d. It offended me as it implied that other world religions were false and that there was only “one way.” However, the more I talked with my co-workers and read the words of Jesus… the more my perspective was challenged. Somehow my focus went from the claims my co-workers were making about Jesus, to realizing what kind of claims Jesus was making about Himself!

Maybe I can say it this way: Everything began to change when I saw that it wasn’t just Josh, Mike, or John telling me I needed Jesus in my life… it was actually Jesus telling me that I needed Jesus in my life! He had my attention!

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” (Jesus in John 14:6)

All of the sudden I couldn’t just consider Jesus a “good moral teacher.” I told Que how I began to see my need for Jesus. We talked about sin, the cross, forgiveness and eternal life.

As I shared, Que responded saying that He wanted to follow Jesus too!

Since then we have studied the Bible once together and Que downloaded a copy of the Bible on his phone which he has started reading. Tonight he witnessed two of his friends get baptized and next week he wants to attend his first small group!

There are plenty of other people in Que’s circle that we are praying for. We are excited to see the things to come!