Happy Early Christmas!

This time of year is always my favorite, full of happiness, memories and all about how Dad (God) came to the world to save us from our own sin. Though the twinkling lights and decorations are fun with the Christmas music and family, lately this Christmas season my thoughts have been going back to Asia and what my Christmas was like there. I didn’t have as much as I have here, and I wanted to cry of thankfulness for every gift that I received.

As I’m here at home for last time in most likely five years for the holidays, I feel that same way as I spend special moments with my family, I want to treasure every moment that I have in this time of the year with my family, making memories that I will keep in my heart as I travel back to Asia.

Please keep in your prayers that this time can be restful and a fun time for my family and I. I’m also still $600 in monthly support away from being fully funded. My goal is to be fully funded by March and have all of the funds to leave by late April, early May.

Thank you so much for your love, support, and prayers! They mean so much to me! Again, Merry Christmas! I love you!

Reaching the Nations Together,