I look and I saw around me lots of people. Some drinking tea, others eating noodles, others selling fruit or any number of other things. I also notice lots of trees they line both sides of the street on every street. I see people on bicycles, others on electric scooters, and cars going down the street. As I continue to walk down the street I am struck by how many small stores there are, all selling different things, There is a store for bags, one for cigarettes and drinks, another that just sells stationery, another that only sells snacks out of these bins, several clothing stores, several restaurants, another that looks like my grandfathers garage and has ton of PVC pipe and random other things for sale. As I walk I pass a tall building under construction it must be over 20 stories tall. I also see people doing other stuff on the street. I see a guy welding something, an old man practicing Tai Chi, and a baby peeing in the middle of the sidewalk.

That would be a pretty normal walk down almost any of the streets here, and I do a lot of walking. There are people everywhere here; you can never walk down the street with out seeing somebody on it, even very late at night. There are also an uncountable number of small businesses here, small mom and pop places that are run out of there house. They will be on the first floor and usually have a mettle roll up, garage style, door to the outside and they will have the business in the room off the street and then they will live in the back part of the apartment. There also are trees everywhere, I think they must love green things, but the sky is always gray with a haze from the air population made worse by this cities natural cloudiness. Overall I like this place, it is different from the states but I feel strangely at home now.

I have been here several months now and I think that though this place has it oddities and its difficulties, it is where God has me to tell those who don’t know about Him. I really believe that this is the most important thing that I could be doing with this season of my life. I don’t know what the Lord has plan for the rest my life but I do believe that he telling me to come back over here next year and continue doing the work I have started this year. I feel that CT has really has great goals and that they have a strategic plan from God as to how to see that plan accomplished. I know that this means that I won’t see any of you for another year but I do promise to try and see as many of you as I can over this summer, when I will be back and will be raising support for next year. I love and miss all of you but I know this is where God has me and I am excited for next year and what the Lord will do!