Who knew that Dr. Seuss could be so insightful. I surely didn’t. Let me tell you what happened that brought me this revelation.

We decided to have a girls night and watch Horton Hears A Who by Dr. Seuss. We realized as we had watched it earlier in that week that there were amazing insights about believing in God. So we planned to build a fort (this one was much bigger than fortacular 1) before the girls came over and watch the movie.

Earlier in the week I had meet a girl named Rachel at our family church. Sherry had brought her from her campus. Rachel was not in the family but she seemed really interested. I exchanged phone numbers with her and invited her and Sherry to come over and watch the movie.

We had a total of 5 girls over. It was a great moment sitting in the tent, watching the movie, eating popcorn, and snacking on my favorite cookies ever which I am going to miss when I come home. The girls loved the movie and after it was over Vivien asked just one simple question. “What do you think about the line in the movie that says, ‘if you can’t see it, touch it, or hear it, it isn’t real’”? Boy did that open up about a two hour discussion. Rachel right away said that is sounds like God. Even though we can’t see him or hear him he exists (just like the Who’s in the movie). From that point on Sherry (who is in the family) spent about an hour and a half sharing her testimony and talking about God in Asian. We could tell that the girls were thinking and listening to what she had to say. Some were receptive and others (our two ethnic friends) were still strong in their beliefs even though they still respected what Sherry had to say. By this time it was close to 11pm and the girls had to go back to their dorms.

At the end of the meeting Viv, Ash, and I felt amazed that Sherry was so bold in sharing her testimony (it was awesome to see) and at the same time we were a little sad that our friend Maria said that she will never change from being a Buddhist. I went to sleep that night talking to the Lord about Maria and just being overwhelmed (in a good way) about the night.

The next day I got a text message from Sherry. It said that Rachel came into the family! I was soo excited and floored. I told Jay-Z, Autumn, and Lavern and we were just amazed. The day after our church Rachel was working at a restaurant and two of the people who worked there were in the family and they shared with Rachel more about God and right there in the restaurant she accepted Jesus into her heart! I couldn’t wait to congratulate Rachel and set up a time to meet with her to talk about God. I met with her three days later to hear her testimony and encourage her to share with others. And now this week I am meeting with Rachel and Sherry to study the Bible! It is wonderful that God can use a simple children’s story to plant seeds about His existence.