As I looked around all I could see were Asian faces everywhere staring at me and my American friends. They started clapping as they were glad that we where there even though we were late. I sat down with a bunch guys surrounding me on three sides and we begin introducing ourselves. They all kept staring at me as they asked me questions and I them, it was a bit intense. This was awesome and crazy at the same time. Here we are in Asia speaking English with a bunch of Asian collage students, as they asked me questions they seemed so open and interested in knowing me.

I was at what they call an English corner, it is time when a bunch of Asian students get together and practice their English together. It also a tool we use to meet good English speakers and make friends with them. I am really excited to fallow up with the people I met. We have been making friends with the students we have met randomly on walks on the campuses but the people from the English corner seemed especially open. We already know that they speak better English than most.

That was a few days ago and I have just started to plan my schedule to meet with some of the guys we met at the English corner. The past 2 weeks have been busy with finishing getting settled and meeting friends. This past week it has rained a lot, I mean pored with lighting and thunder, and that has impeded some of our plans. However, I am looking forwarded to getting to really getting to know the guys we have meet and be able to show them the love, the peace, and joy we have through Jesus.